The Podere Donzellino is formed of the classic Tuscan farmhouse with all the outbuildings needed for the farming activity and to make it self-sufficient: the oven, the carriage house, the stable, the pigsty, the barn, the sheepfold, the poultry pen, the rainwater tank.

In recent years we have carefully renovated everything to adapt it to the needs of modern life, while still retaining the traditional construction systems to be able to restore the atmosphere of the past.

The large stable has been converted for the reception area and other activities such as tasting the farm’s oil and other produce. A collection of the old farm equipment and testimonies of the oil-producing activity of the Lupi firm have been placed here.

In a sheltered area of the garden a chlorine-free swimming pool ( 6,5x15m.) is also available for the pleasure of guests who want to swim and relax without going to the seaside, which is in any case only half an hour away.

Around the farmhouse are olive groves and fruit trees, and heading downwards to the valley you pass through woodlands with the typical Maremma trees: birch, oak, cork oak, arbutus, lentisk and myrtle, etc.

After breathing in the fragrances of the Mediterranean scrub for about ten minutes, you arrive at the Cristina springs, with the public washhouse (being restored) where the women of Massa Marittima used to wash their laundry; keep going and you go through other olive groves to enjoy a splendid view over the valley with the two highest peaks of the Colline Metallifere (metal-bearing hills) in the background: the Cornate and the Poggio di Montieri (about 1000 metres above sea level).

Although the farmhouse is surrounded by olive groves and woodland, it is very close to the town and it only takes a few minutes to walk there.