The Donzellino has four olive grove fields totalling five hectares and 1400 plants, all from a seedling centre in Pescia and certified by ARPA (regional agency for the environment) in Tuscany.

Planting began in 1998 with about 600 seedlings and continued in the years to follow, adopting planting patterns (distance between trees) of 6×6 metres and 5×5 metres.

Classic Tuscan cultivars are used: Leccino, Frantoio, Pendolino, Moraiolo, Leccio del corno.The olives are picked by hand, using battery-powered hand-held pickers and taken to the Frantoio  on the same day.

Our olive oil is premium quality, with very low acid and peroxide levels, which complies fully with the strict specifications of the Consorzio dell’Olio Toscano (Tuscan Oil Consortium) so all our production is sold with the mark of geographic origins, ‘TOSCANO’ IGP .

Although we have only been in business for a few years, we have already won some significant awards:
– 2007 , 1st prize, medium fruity category, XI Selection of oils of the Colline Metallifere
– 2009 , 1st prize, medium light fruity category, Olivo della Strega competition organized by the Grosseto Chamber of Commerce.
– 2011 , 1st prize, medium fruity category, XV Selection of oils of the Colline Metallifere
– 2012 , 3rd prize, medium fruity category , XVI Selection of oils of the Colline Metallifere

In addition to our extra-virgin olive oil, we also produce aromatic oils (with basil, with chilli pepper etc.), olives in brine, olive pâté.

Tin 5 liters: 60,00€
Bottle 0,75 liter: 12,00€