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"The most stubborn of rules is that there must be a rule."
(Gianni Monduzzi)

The Podere Donzellino consists of the classic Tuscan farmhouse which in the past had all the outbuildings necessary to carry out the agricultural activity and make it self-sufficient: the oven, the carraia, the barn, the pigsty, the barn, the sheepfold, the henhouse, the rainwater cistern.
In recent years it has been carefully restored restructuring to adapt to the needs of modern life but respecting traditional building systems to be able to recover the atmosphere of the past.
In the large stable has been created a large room for reception and various activities such as tasting oil and products of the farm. Here the old tools of rural life and testimonies of the oil production of the Lupi company were collected.
The pool, rectangular 6.5 meters wide x 15 meters long, has a depth of 1.20 / 1.40 meters. and has a large area of ​​respect around completely fenced. The depth is 1.40 meters in the first half (on the side of the shower) and 1.20 meters in the other half.
It is an ideal depth to swim and relax. Even the boys can play and have fun but it is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN TO DIFFER.
Two steps at opposite corners allow entry and exit.
For the sterilization of water, chlorine is not used, but food salt (sodium chloride) is converted into sodium hypochlorite in a control unit that guarantees concentration control. Also the control of the Ph is ensured by an automatic control unit. Two sand filters and three pumps guarantee complete water filtration in less than three hours.
To go from the houses to the pool, please wear a beach cover and do not go barefoot.
Near the swimming pool you can play soccer and table tennis.
Who intends to use the pool must abide by the rules indicated in the following regulation, in no case can ignorance be invoked.
The pool manager who has the right, at its sole discretion, to allow or prohibit its use at any time and for any user is Ms Cristina Pipparelli.
It is obviously not responsible for the behavior of individuals, adults or minors, and any and all incidents or damage that may result from them or others, including things, due to inattention, negligence, inconsistent, voluntary or involuntary acts. Each individual will be responsible for this.


Use of the swimming pool is reserved for guests only. 

Usage is allowed from 8.30 to 13 and from 15 to sunset. 

Any use outside these hours must be previously agreed with the manager. 


Admission to the pool is permitted for adults and children over 14 years only if there is at least one other adult at the poolside. 

Children and children under the age of 14 can only enter the pool in the presence of at least two adults, at least one of them at the poolside. 


The swimming pool is NOT SURPRISED, therefore the use by anyone is carried out at your own risk and responsibility, considering the individual knowledge and swimming skills. 


Before accessing the solarium area around the pool It is MANDATORY TO WASH THE FEET at the shower. 

You can not wear shoes, plinths or plastic sandals without washing. 

Maximum caution when walking on the edge of the pool and in any case it is PROHIBITED TO RUN ON THE BOTTOM BATHS. 

It is forbidden to bring glass objects and food products of any kind onto the poolside. 

It is forbidden to bring dogs or other animals into the pool enclosure. 


It is good to remind everyone not to take a bath after eating, we recommend waiting two or three hours after the meal before diving in water. 

It is also recommended not to dive when it is too hot, also for this reason it is however MANDATORY TO DO THE SHOWER BEFORE IMMERSING. 

The shower, solar type, dispenses both hot and cold water and has a foot spray. 

It is recommended not to use soaps or shampoos. 

It is allowed to play in the water only if other people who do not participate in the game are not present in the pool. In any case, games can not annoy people at the poolside. 

Only floating plastic objects can be carried in the tank. 

The use of a mask and fins must be previously authorized. 


The regulatory lifeline must be used only in case of need for assistance to people in difficulty. 

In the event of an accident, notify the person in charge: Cristina Pipparelli 338.8454849 

A FIRST AID BOX is available at the pool with various medications and medicines.

We remind you that the MASSA MARITTIMA HOSPITAL is only five minutes away and in case of eventuality you can call the MEDICAL GUARD at 118.


A copy of this regulation is arranged in each apartment. 

A summary with the main indications is posted at the entrance to the pool. Who intends to use the pool must read it carefully to know all the rules of use. 

Therefore in no case can ignorance be invoked. 


In the municipality of Massa Marittima separate waste collection is carried out and only biodegradable bags are allowed.

We ask all guests to help us with their correct subdivision. 

The trash cans are located near the parking lot. 

The waste is divided into four trash cans: 

• Organic Waste: any type of food, vegetable or animal waste. It is also allowed to use non-biodegradable bags. 

• Plastic, Glass, Cans and Tetrapack. As much as possible clean of residues especially liquids. Squeeze the plastic bottles well to reduce clutter. 

• Charter. It must not be dirty with food residues, therefore mainly newspapers, magazines, cartons. 

• Non-recyclable waste. Everything that does not belong to the previous classes. 

Please do not throw cigarette butts or abandon bottles or bags in the property. 



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